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1. March 2004

                            to Øyvind Lunde and his "The Think/ Thinken"

                      100 000 km ~ 62 137 miles
                                  with the same batterypack all the way

In Aug. 2000, after a while on the waiting list, Øyvind, as one of the first
private EV owners could buy a TH!NK from the Norwegian Think Nordic.
He had to pay about $32 000 incl. VAT at that time, knowing that in 2001
the EVs in Norway would be freed from the VAT (about 25%).
His job at EM Systemer means a lot of driving to their customers around
Oslo installing energy saving equipment in buildings.

EVguide has followed Øyvind and Thinken all the way,
and here are some data:

14 Aug. 2000, Hurray for a brand new TH!NK of his own

  Well, this is not in August,
  but some months later,
  at a charging spot
  outside Oslo Rådhus or
  the City Hall where the
  Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony
  takes place.

  Maybe it´s time for
  an environmentalist prize to?

  Øyvind has written
  sparenergi.no on the car,
  and that is the address
  to his private website
  with a lot of links to
  all kinds of energyrelated-
  and EV- sites.
  Sparenergi means Save energy.

Dec. 2000, about 12 000 km on the odometer
Jan. 2001, 245 km in one day on wet, icy and snowy roads

TH!NKEN og Øyvind

Jan. 2001 KNA EV Rallye Monte-Carlo 2001 in and around Oslo

May 2001 NAF Autoslalom at Fornebu, Oslo
May 2001 320 km in one (long) day, Oslo - Gothenburg
May 2001 EV2001 Göteborg - HALDEN - Oslo

Øyvind med hjelmen på

  Øyvind has made EVs become  
  a natural partcipant in
  the auto slalom competitions
  arranged by the two large
  Norwegian auto associations
  KNA and NAF

Jun. 2001 SolarCup i Denmark   part 1   part 2   part 3

Jun. 2001 NAF Autoslalom at Fornebu, Oslo
Aug. 2001 Öresundsrallyt 2001
Sep. 2001 NAF Autoslalom at Fornebu, Oslo
Sep. 2001 KNA Autoslalom in Oslo


  Plenty of room
  Yes, he has unloaded his new 29" TV set
  from Thinken, and said he could easily
  take care of all the groceries for the weekend too . . .

Dec. 2001 40 000 km, i.e. "around the globe" See Nordic long distance drivers >
Apr. 2002 KNA Viking EV - rally in and around Oslo
May 2002 NAF´s Autoslalom at Fornebu, Oslo
May 2002 EV2002 Oslo - Bergen - Denmark - Oslo
Jun. 2002 NAF Autoslalom at Fornebu, Oslo

slalom i city

  This is in the center of Oslo,
  not far from
  The City Hall :-)

Oct. 2002 KNA KONGENSGATE GRAND PRIX 2002 Autoslalom (Oslo)

Dec. 2002 70 000 km
May 2003 80 000 km, i.e. "twice around the globe"
May 2003 EV2003 Oslo - Sweden - Oslo
              The EV2001 - EV2003 arrangements have indicated how
              little new infrastructure you need for the clean battery EV,
              and even proved you could do a lot with the NiCd batteries
              produced after 1999.
              About the situation before 2000, see the Danish EV Ass. site


             14. Aug. 2000 - 1. March 2004
  100 000 km ~ 62 137 miles  

    and probably the first private EV user
    making that distance in the same car,
    and with the same batteries

Øyvind is President of the Norwegian EV Association Norstart

How come he got time for all this?

Øyvind and Inger Lise

Well, I guess it's no disadvantage in having
an understanding and supporting wife,
like Inger Lise :-)

Tell them, you too,
you appreciate their work
to keep this planet in a good shape:

lunde (at) hagan.no

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