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1. maj 2016
Text and photo: Walter van Damme  

In remembrance of Tom Roy Simenstad

It is indeed a sad thing Tom Roy isn't with us any more.

He took me under his care during the first EV I participated in, back in 2007.
He let me drive his El Rayo and, as a real host, made me feel at home at this meeting.
We visited his flat in Oslo and drove his Corvette to Mc Donalds.
During this trip, we also went down in an underground car park where a group of car enthusiasts rented a partition of the parking. He had a few cars over there waiting for restoration.

I remember him as friendly, intelligent and easy going.

Unfortunately, his health was deteriorating over the last years.
Doctors could not, would not help him. Life wasn't easy for him any more.
We will miss him.

Best regards,

Many thanks to Walter for sending this text and picture to EVguide.
Walter took the picture when he visited EV2012
in Tönsberg.
That was Tom Roys last EV200X visit.
Knut/ editor

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