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A Canadian Electric Kawasaki MC   28. April 2006


Thanks for the mention on your web site. I have been so busy that I have not had time to update my site.
I will try to get at it this weekend. Of course, if it is warm and sunny I will have to drive the Kawasaki as well!!!
By the way, I drove the Kawasaki to the event and back. In the morning it was cold and snowing a bit, but the snow was melting as it hit the road.
The event was a lot of fun and my daughter and her friends were able to climb 8 times up the 802 stairs to the top. Everyone takes the elevator back down after each climb.

My next event will be June 10 and the 11'th at the local technical college.
(not for slow modems)

We are 20C today and sunny so it is very nice today.
Please send me ( ken.norwick@shaw.ca ) some information to post on my web site that describes a local environmental or ev-related event that you attend in your country. As well, people here are really interested to hear about local civic laws that favour electric or hybrid vehicles in European cities.
We have some of the world's largest wind farms here in the Rocky Mountains and the windmills are Vestas models (all from Denmark).
(See the fine Vestas photo :-)

Ken Norwick - Calgary

A Canadian Electric Kawasaki MC   25. March 2006

Hi everyone,

Last night I road-tested the Electric Kawasaki V4 in preparation for its inaugural presentation set for Earth Day 2006 (April 22) where it will be featured at the base of the Calgary Tower during the Alberta Wilderness Association's annual Tower Climb fundraiser event. As well, Brian's High School Chemistry teacher for Grade 12 wants me to bring the Kawasaki for a show-and-tell session for his Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry class later in April. I have trips planned to several local schools in this regard.
There are a few more glitches to shake out, but all in all, the test was a complete success. The bike is mostly dead quiet except for a small "whirring" from the electric drive train. Top speed is somewhere between 50 to 70 kph (30 to 45 mph), and low-end acceleration is good with the large rear sprocket.
Tonight we are expecting a late winter snowstorm, and I was lucky that the streets were mostly clear of ice and snow for this test.
The fabrication of the Emperor's new clothes (bodywork) has begun and will be documented on my blog www.humanityportals.net/ExistentialNeuralgia/
I really need warmer weather for the final stages of fiberglass work on the body panels, and the bike will look pretty "gruesome" until the final sanding and paint job. All in the interest of Science!!!. Hope everyone is well. Take care,

Ken Norwick - Calgary

A Canadian Electric Kawasaki MC   14. Feb. 2006

Hi Knut

I was able to try my motorcycle in the back lane today. It accelerates well, and can probably attain
a maximum speed of about 60-80 km/hr which is good for getting around the city.
The cold weather -21C (high) -35C (low) returns by Thursday, and so no more EV stuff for a little while.
I must complete the wiring of the horn and lights so that I can pass a safety inspection. This is required
to be able to get insurance for the road.

Ken Norwick - Calgary
Blog www.humanityportals.net/ExistentialNeuralgia/

A Canadian Electric Kawasaki MC   11. Feb. 2006

Hi Knut

My new blog, www.humanityportals.net/ExistentialNeuralgia/
is up and running and I have started to update pictures and my Electric Kawasaki story.
I will be using this blog going forward and won't be updating the original conversion diary very often anymore.
This new BLOG format allows easier feedback from site visitors.

I am having some machining done on the new rear sprocket and will be able to have the final drive
setup on and running by next weekend. I must hook up the throttle mechanism, wait for warmer weather,
and then start on the fiberglass bodywork. We are having an unusually warm winter with very little snow,
and this has helped to speed up this conversion project.

A local environmental group raises money each year by having joggers climb the steps to the top of out
city beacon "Calgary Tower". This Tower Climb features a small environmental fair at the base of the tower
on April 22 (Earth Day) and I will be showing my new electric motorcycle there that day so I must have it
ready to license for road use.

Ken Norwick - Calgary


A Canadian Electric Kawasaki MC   17. Jan. 2006

Happy New Year Knut

I have just updated my permanent website www.evsupersite.net
with a link to my

New Electric Vehicle Community Blog and Discussion Forums

located at:

This is a dynamic IP so readers are best to save the main EVSupersite as the permanent
link and to get to the discussions from there.
For now, I have started to upload detailed pictures of the Electric Kawasaki project and
will soon add Discussions on:
1) Electric vehicle - General
2) Battery Technologies
3) Motor and Controller Technologies
4) Production Electric Vehicles
5) Electric Vehicles in Europe
and more...

Take care,

Ken Norwick - Calgary


13. Dec. 2005  

A Canadian Electric Kawasaki MC

- is the next aim of Ken Norwick in Calgary.

Ken is world famous for his fine documentation when he converted a Saturn.

In a mail yesterday he reports that he has started to convert, and document, a Kawasaki MC.
So for sure, we are looking forward to follow him.

Thanks for the mail and pictures.

Good luck !

- and here is his information:


Merry Christmas!!! and greetings from Canada

I just wanted to let you know that I have updated my website www.evsupersite.net
and have added my second electric vehicle project to the site.
My Saturn EV had a problem with its motor controller and family finances (two kids + University) would not allow me to effect the repairs. It has been taken off of the street and dismantled.
I used the older electric motor and control components to buy new, but smaller capacity parts.
Recently, I was given two motorcycles to be used for my next conversion
- and yesterday at 12:28 MST (-7 GMT) I was able to get my Electric Kawasaki running.

I am on a very tight (non-existent) budget as I must make sure that my kids get their schooling funded etc. and I have no corporate sponsorship help. Electric vehicles are not well liked in this oil and gas center, but many others outside of that industry enjoy reading about my adventures in the local newspaper.
I must work in an unheated garage at -20C with only hand tools, and no money for a machine shop. My degree is in Psychology and I am not an Engineer, so I am certain that anybody who really wants to could make their own electric vehicle.
I tested this new project mostly in my garage (4m) as the back lane is very snowy and icy. I'm sure that you know what that is like! I have a lot of work left before the Spring as I must wait for warmer weather to fabricate fiberglass bodywork so that the finished vehicle won't look like a "Frankenstein" monster.
Please use any of the images from my website if you wish. My neighbour is Danish and I will get him to help me to translate entries in your blog. I will put a reciprocal link (fresh) on my site pointing back to your site. I already have several, but will put another reference near the start.
Thanks, and have a merry Christmas.

Ken Norwick
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Photo Ken Norwick

Photo Ken Norwick

Photo Ken Norwick

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