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25. Feb. 2006

EVguide has received this information
from Berix Svenska AB

For your information, you can read a little more (in Swedish) about this EV pioneer on www.berix.se

logga     pressrelease

                                                                   Trollhättan 15. Feb. 2006

Swedish manufacturer
to challenge Yamaha, Honda, Piaggio and Peugeot.

Dear Sir,

In the light of the ongoing catastrophic environment pollution, Berix Svenska AB has
designed and built an electric driven moped that has a range significantly longer than
previous was possible.

The Eloped has been designed and built in order to prove that an electric vehicle with
the latest technology is superior to its fuel driven counterpart. For instance is the
energy cost only 0.02 Euro per 10 km including taxes.

In order to speed up the inevitable change from polluting vehicles to Electric Vehicles a
letter has been sent to the CEO:s at Honda and Yamaha in Japan, Piaggio in Italy and
Peugeot in France.
In the letter there is a challenge about the driven distance on one charge.

The start will take place in Stockholm 1. May 2006.

For more information please contact:
Leif E:son Berix, Överby Berg, S - 461 70 Trollhättan, Sweden.

Attachment 1: Copy of letter sent to two - wheel moped manufacturers.
Attachment 2: Photo showing Leif E:son Berix with the battery driven moped which he
                    has designed and built.

Attachment 1:
Copy of letter sent to two - wheel moped manufacturers


                                                                    Trollhättan 31. Jan. 2006

Dear Sir,

As vehicle manufacturer we have to react to very serious environmental impact and the
negative medical effect on human beings and animals, which is caused by emissions
from the present gasoline and diesel engines.

We all know that fuelcells or hydrogen are not a realistic alternative, even if the politicians
are very generous to support the research in this field.

The only motor vehicles that are really friendly to the environment and to human beings are
the electric vehicles, which are charged from renewable energy sources, such as hydro,
wind and sun generated electricity.
Unfortunately the general, but incorrect, opinion is that electric powered two wheeled
vehicles can make only 60 - 80 km per charge. In order to prove how many kilometers an
electric powered vehicle can make before recharging and in order to speed up the development
of electric vehicles, we hereby challenge you in a driving distance duel for a two-wheel vehicle
on one charge.

The start should take place in Stockholm, Sweden on May 1. 2006.

We are looking forward for your replay at latest February 27. 2006.

Berix Svenska AB

Yours faithfully

Leif E:son Berix

Berix Svenska AB
Överby Berg
S - 461 70 Trollhättan

Attachment 2:
Photo showing Leif E:son Berix with the battery driven moped which he
has designed and built.

Leif Berix and his moped

May 2006

No answers,
- but Leif Berix will make a try anyway . . .

On May 25 students will drive two of Berix mopeds to see how far they can run on one charge.

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