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Nuna solar car champ 2005    
       Happy New Year 2006

                      Knut Abrahamsen, Editor


 Nuna Solar Car Champ.  AFP Photo/ Jamie McDONALD

2005 ~ 2006 reflexions

Kewet Buddy

Photo ElBil Norge

Little Kewet Buddy

- was probably the largest EV novelty in Scandinavia since Think City.
The 3 - person seatcapacity is a tremendous advantage for families with children, and as an option you can even buy it with the new lithiumbatteries !

In spite of a fire in the building of ElBil Norge last Summer, they managed to start the production in another building late this Year, and at the end of 2005 some 25 smiling Norwegians could be seen in their new Buddies on Norwegian roads !
That probably even indicates that the aim of ElBil Norge to produce some 250 Buddies in 2006 is realistic :-)

Here you can read more about Buddy >

150 EVs arriving

Enviro Elbilsalg AS

- with headquarters in Drammen, Norway is the most active EV Company in Europe now. They have representatives in continental Europe, searching for used PSA (Citroën and Peugeot) EVs, which they bring to Norway. Just now they have some 150 cars on their way to the north :-)
In Drammen they have a modern workshop and probably the largest spare parts store for PSA EVs in Scandinavia.
They even sell the electric scooter e - max
and the electric assisted bike Vélec >

Smart BEV

Miljøbil Grenland AS

- in Porsgrunn, Norway intends to convert DaimlerChryslers Smart-cars to clean battery electric cars in China and import them to Norway.
They cooperate with Canadian Electrovaya
and will use their lithium batteries. Other components
will come from English Zytek.
Production could be as soon as at the end of 2006 !
They even have plans to convert Mitsubishi Outlander with Electrovayas batteries.

The Mayor of Kristiansand bought his Peugeot 106 batteryelectric car from Miljøbil Grenland.

think public

Think Nordic

Without knowledge about the deal between Ford and Kamkorp it is impossible to foresee what is going to happen at the Think factory in Aurskog outside Oslo.

The Think Public "box model" probably could be a favorite car for for instance families with children and seniors (now searching for used Golf cars).

Here you can read more about Think Public >

The max speed limit at 50 km/ h is electronic controlled, and the car is believed to manage higher speeds.

By the way, the Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon can be seen driving in his old Think City in Oslo :-)



- has sold some 20 000 electric bikes in Europe
and their Swedish representative is exemplary in marketing the English product. They don't miss any exhibition or other possibility to sell their products, and have a look at this impressive
list of resellers in Sweden >

plug-in hybrid

The Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition EVS21

- in Monaco introduced the Plug-in hybrid electric car in Europe in the shape of the American converted Toyota Prius.
As you can see from the picture it can do 50 kilometers using energy equivalent to one litre gasoline !

The knowledge about the advantages with the plug-in hybrid is good in U.S., and probably it will be possible to buy converted plug-in hybrids in U.S. in 2006.
See www.greencarcongress.com

Plug-in means that you even can charge the batteries by plugging in to the grid, and not only via the gasolinedriven generator in the car.


FEVT, Finnish Electric Vehicle Technologies Ltd.

- is developing BMS, Battery Management Systems for lithiumbatteries, and together with Enviro Elbilsalg in Norway they have converted a Citroën Saxo EV and Berlingo EV with their BMS and Chinese lithium batteries.The cars are now testrunning in Scandinavia, and so far it looks very positive.
See www.austinev.org

It is of course a large advantage that we have some knowledge about modern BMSs in Scandinavia.

Norstart, The Norwegian EV Association

- is the most active EV Ass. in Scandinavia and their
Lars C Krogenæs makes a wonderful work both as their contact person and their webmaster.

ELFIR, Swedish Society for the Promotion of EVs

- succeeded to finish the third edition of their report Electric Vehicles, Efficient & Renewable Energy in time for EVS21 in Monaco.

SWEVA, Swedish Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Association

- was the coordinator for the Clean Vehicles and Fuels Symposium and Exhibition in Stockholm 2005
EVAF, Electric Vehicle Association of Finland

- is working with an information paper with the intention to present it to the Finnish Parliment members in February 2006. The content should be basic information about EVs and how to promote the situation for EVs in Finland.

DEK, Danish Electric Vehicle Association

- celebrated their 25 th anniversary in 2005, and made a little publication about EV history and future (only in Danish).

Øyvind EV2005


- the yearly cometoghether for EV friends this year was in and around Oslo, where Øyvind Lunde and friends (as usual) had made a fine program.

The cars could be exhibited on the main street, Karl Johan, in Oslo, not far from the Royal Palace.

Øyvind told us about the, still working, Hammeren Hydropowerstation that when it was built in 1900 it was supposed to give enough electricity to the capitol Oslo for ever.
The power was some 4000 - 5000 kilowatts :-)

Arne Magnus, to the left with his children, is one of the few lucky owners in Europe of a
Toyota RAV4 EV:

Toyota RAV4 EV

Anton Bech


- will take place at the top of Denmark, the northern-most part of Jylland
with many ferries to Norway and Sweden. Anton Bech and his friends for shure will arrange a visit to the famous Skagen.
See http://en.wikipedia.org >

Anton's good contacts probably will give us the possibility to get the electricity for charging from Danish windmills this year too.

The Geneva International Motorshow

2 - 12 March 2006 probably can be of interest for EV - interested people.
There are so many EV- and batteryprojects going on in these days, and the Swiss EV Association e-mobile always are represented on the show. They use to make a survey about EV-related products in the show.

EVS22, Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition

October 23 - 28, 2006 in Yokohama, Japan
probably too will be something we have to follow up in the media.

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