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       Happy New Year 2005

                      Knut Abrahamsen, Editor


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2004 has passed,

- and even this year EVguide, now at an age of 5 years, has got a lot of relevant newstips from many old and new friends. Thank You all ! Special thanks to ōyvind Lunde and Anton Bech and their families.

Anton and his wife Christiane arranged, assisted by many of their Danish friends, the successful EV2004 in Denmark.
The EV2004 again proved the possibilities of the clean battery electric car. Several years old EVs from Renault, CitroŽn, Think Nordic and Peugeot, all made in such a small series that you could practically call them prototypes, all functioned very well in spite of the producers small interest to make normal development and improvements on the cars.
ōyvinds 120,000 km in his Think City and Anton with 93,000 km in his Peogeot 106 El also prove how reliable these cars and batteries can be.
Anton has even made a great work to prove the advantages an EV user can have when using quickchargers.
The Norwegian EV association Norstart has made a great job for the Norwegian EV users this year, and their webmaster is very active.
The Finnish EV association SAY is translating some of their homepages to Swedish and English.
Johan Rudborg took a fine initiative and made an interactive forum for El - Clio users.

- and what will 2005 bring ?

We will probably see some plug-in hybrid cars on the roads, and the admirable, partly private, Prius+ project in USA to experiment with the Toyota Prius as a plug-in car will probably give some positive "spin off".

The EV development in China is promising, even regarding batteries.

Letīs hope that Ford can deliver the "returning Thinks" fast and in a decent way.
What happens at Think Nordic is hard to say, but let us hope that we at least can see some beta-
models of their Think Public model on the roads
this Summer.

The positive EV "climate" in Norway probably will give a positive push to the Norwegian Kewet producer.

This Spring we have the EVS21 in Monaco, relativly close to us. The Symposium is quite expensive, but the Exhibition might be well worth a trip.

EV2005 is "on the table" in Oslo, probably in a form that will attract even short mileage EVs.

German Manfred Elwingīs planned trip to Lofoten in the muscle - hybrid Twike will be an interesting project.


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