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22th June 2003    

From Denmark to France and back
- in an electric car

I am a private holder of an electric car. It is a Peugeot 106 electric, which now is 3½ years old and have done 63.000 km on the same battery pack. The car is still performing as a new one.
I have recently built a transportable fast charger. The charger makes it possible to charge the car from 3 phase 400V-16A sockets, so the car can make a full charge in 1½ hours.

The electric car with the fast charger in the boot.

The car can drive 100 km on a charge and make a recharging in only 1½ hours. These performances make the car acceptable for long journeys.

I will, in the coming summer holydays, make a long distance tour in the electric car together with my daughter.
We start out from Ringkoebing in western Denmark on July 7th to Strasbourg in Alsace in France, where we expect to arrive on July 9th.
The return will be made from July 16th to 19th.
It will be a tour of 1100-1200 km in each direction.

We do not plan to prearrange charging locations, but will just look for power, where and when we need it. We call it “electric safari”!

The progress and the headlines of the tour will during the trip be reported on www.evguide.nu

/Anton Bech

Eng. Anton Bech



The route


    Monday 7 July
1st charging
    German border
2nd charging
3rd charging
4th charging
    357 km

    Tuesday 8 July
5th charging
6th charging
    Brilon/ Hoppecke
7th charging
Hoppecke Accumulatorwerke
About 80 km north of Frankfurt
8th charging
    430 km

    Wednsday 9 July
9th charging
10th charging
    French border
    Strasbourg/ Molsheim
    1.128 km

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And here are the reports

If you want to contact Anton Bech,
just send a mail to info@evguide.nu

Saturday, 5 July 2003

Anton reports that yesterday he made a test with the complete fast charger, i.e. 6 modules @ 1 kW.
It took 5 minutes before the meter was on zero, then 75 min. to 100%, and finally he charged 10 min. on 100%.
Total 1½ hours, and 15 kWh from the grid.
Normally he drives some 90 to 110 km on this amount of energy.

Monday 7 July, 1.30 PM

Short report from Husum, about 50 km south of the danish/ german border.
Everything FINE!
Start from Ringkøbing short before 8 AM.
First charging in Riebe, about half the distance to Husum, where the second charging has started.
Driving distance so far 209 km :-)

Monday 7 July, 6.40 PM

Congratulation, day one fullfilld as planned!
They have just arrived in Hamburg.
The only problem was to find their way the last part in Hamburg.
The third charging was at a Shell-station in Itzehoe, some 60 km north of Hamburg.
Total driving distance today is 357 km, and Anton thinks he could easily have made another 50 km on the remaining energy in the batteries :-)

Tuesday 8 July, 12.45 PM

Start from Hamburg at 7 AM
After 108 km, charging in Verden 9 - 9.30 AM
Arrived to Herford 12.45 PM, and start charging.
Herford is just northeast of Bielefeld, and 115 km from Verden.
Already 223 km so far today!
They have charged on several auto workshops, and paid 5€ each time.
They intend to get to Hoppecke Accumulatorwerke on "officetime" today.

Tuesday 8 July, 9.30 PM

Herford - Wielund?, 97 km, passed without problems,
so even the 110 km on small and hilly roads to Gladenbach, southwest of Marburg.
They had a pleasent visit at Hoppecke Accumulatorwerke.
Total driving distance today is 430 km! with 12½ hours
driving and charging time.
(They had some time in Hoppecke doing nothing with the car)
Total 357 + 430 = 787 km in two days!

Wednesday 9 July, 13.45 PM

Todays first trip, 120 km, was from Gladenbach to Darmstadt where they had todays first charging.
Then another 120 km to Kandel, about 20 km west of Karlsruhe and 20 km north of the french border, where they have just arrived and start charging.
Total distance so far today 240 km, and about 70% of this has been on Autobahn/ Highway, so (even) Anton is astonished of how well the Peugeot 106 Electric runs. "Just better and better" he says :-)

We communicate by cellphone, so we have to be brief, but I have forwarded all friendly greetings. Thank you all for them.

Wednesday 9 July, 16.45 PM

fanfar     Congratulation,
    They did it, 1.128 km in three days!

    Even the last 101 km from Kandel to Strasbourg/
    Molsheim went on without any problems!
    That even means they drove 341 km in 9 hours,
    from 7.45 AM to 4.45 PM today!


Anton and Anne-Sophie,
you really gave us some exiting days.
Thank you,
and we all think you deserve a coool drink . . .

anton anne-sophie


Friday 11 July

Anton has already written a little (well, some 200k) report with some pictures >


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